Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Be careful!

AHHH!!! What I've been dreading has happened... I've caught the deadliest cold! This weird California weather of 80 degrees one day then raining and 40 degrees the next day has done a number on my body! Since I have "no-medicine" policy while I'm pregnant, the cold is dragging on and on for a whole week now! It's the typical nasal congestion cold with runny nose, sneezes, watery eyes, coughing, etc.. how dreadful.

I've missed work for 2 days, thanks to my ever-so-understanding boss and now back at work today. I must say that being back at work does make me feel better... So everyone out there, please be careful this cold season and bundle up! It's no fun at all being sick during the festive Christmas time!

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Judy Hwang said...

Oh no! I'm so sad you're sick! I hope you're getting enough rest. The no medicine situation is a killer, isn't it? Who knew a cold could be so awful! Drink lots of fluids and take lots of vitamin C. Feel better soon!