Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hi Daddy!

We read that at this stage in pregnancy, if you put your ear against the belly you can hear baby's heartbeat. Paul and I wanted to test out this theory first hand. Last night while lying in bed, Paul put his head on my belly for 15 minutes. First, he said he heard all kinds of movement noises. Then he found the heartbeat and listened for a while. Then she gave him a few good kicks on the side of his face. I think she's already telling her daddy for some privacy and to stay out of her womb! Uh oh... It was hilarious to watch Paul's reactions to all of this.

We're now approaching our 23 weeks. Our baby girl is now almost a foot long and weighs over a pound, as heavy as a large mango according to Why do these websites always compare our baby's growth to fruits? Strange. Last week, it was a banana, this week, it's a mango... Making me want to eat some fruit!

This is me at week 23....

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