Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated our first mother's day as parents! Having Avery in our lives has been the best blessing... She's been such a wonderful little baby so far. She started sleeping for 5 hours straight at night and not sleeping much during the day. She's acting like such a big girl that we keep forgetting that she's only a little over 3 weeks old! She's eating a lot these days too and started to wear size 3 months. Wow! She's a cutie-pie though.

For mother's day, Paul asked my mom to watch Avery and took me to get my hair cut and for a manicure and pedicure. It was such a nice treat to be pampered! I was looking pretty nasty these days! Couldn't remember the last time I blowed dried by hair! Now with my new haircut and great looking hands and feet, I feel wonderful.

On Sunday, we took Avery to church for the first time. My mom's friends met Avery for the first time and they thought she was so cute and pretty! It never gets old hearing people say how cute she is, haha! When we got home, Paul watched Avery so I can take a loooong nap. Paul and my brother also made mexican dinner for my mom, Gina and me so we don't have to do anything. It was awesome. After dinner, my niece Minji entertained us! Too cute. It was an awesome mother's day!!!


Judy Hwang said...

you look great jo! and love your new haircut. hope we can oovoo soon :)

Kulthida said...

Jo, you look so great with your new haircut! And it looks like you already loss weight! Oh! And very nice family pic... it's so good to see how much happiness little Avery brought to your family :)