Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We're home!

This blog is a little overdue... We've been home from my parents' house for a week now. It was so nice and comforting to stay with my parents and have my mom look after Avery for me so I can take naps and prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. Since I had a Caesarian birth, it was more necessary to have some help for the first couple weeks. The recovery was quicker than I thought and not as bad... The first week after I came home from hospital was a little painful and hard to get out of bed but I managed to go to Avery's doctors' visit with Paul. By second week, there was little pain left except when I was getting out of bed. I even drove myself to my doctors' appointment during my second week. By third week, there was little pain getting in and out of bed. The websites and books made caesarian recovery sound horrifying and long but it was not like that at all. There is still little sensation in my lower stomach though... But I must say, my tummy is getting flatter by day. Yay!!!!!

A week ago, Avery and I returned to our home in LA. With Paul gone at work, it's been nice to spend all day with Avery getting to know her and taking care of her. I don't know how I'll return to work in July. I can't imagine it! I can't believe she's already 6 weeks old! Avery does something new everyday. These days, she started to coo and make all kinds of noises and make these huge smiles at mommy and daddy. She holds up her head for long periods of time now and she makes eye contact with us which is fun. She's ginormous too! We're going to the dr. tomorrow so I'll report on how much she's grown on tomorrow's blog. She slept her record of 7 hours the other night too which was heavenly! She eats, poops and sleeps a lot.

Below are some recent pics of our little princess!

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