Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!

Oh, that husband of mine!!! Being married to him is one surprise after another... He kept everyone believing, including me, that we're not finding out the sex of the baby.. My poor mom asked him again last night and he told her no. I begged him this morning on our way to the Dr. if we can find out and he said no.

We were sitting on the examining chair with Dr. Bochner. Dr. asked us "so am I telling you the sex of the baby today?" I immediately said "I'd like to know but my husband doesn't so I guess not" to which Paul replied "yes, please tell us." WHAT?!

The Dr. first looked at the size of the baby and he said the baby's size was perfect for a 20/21 week baby. Awesome! Then he looked at the heart (we saw 4 chambers), kidneys (there were 2), lips for cleft (nope) and the brain for a hole (nope). Everything seemed to check out perfectly and the moment of truth came... He went to the between the legs area and there was nothing! It's a girl!!!!!

Our initial reaction was "are you sure?" I've been so sure that it was a boy. I've had 3 dreams that it was a boy and numerous people told me that my belly looked like it was a boy. It was just shocking at first to hear that it was a girl because it was so unexpected. It took a car ride to work and lunch for the "it's a girl" news to sink in. We're having a baby girl!!!! How exciting! There are so many cute clothes for girls and I can raise her like a little princess! I think Paul is scared of raising a girl... Which is understandable since he's 1 of 5 boys. I'm sure he'll be very protective and worried all the time. It'll be nice to have Paul be the worrisome one for a change!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations! Yay a girl! I was totally convinced we were having a boy too but now we have a girl.

Kulthida said...

CONGRATULATIONS Jo!!! Hope she is as beautiful as her mother (or more) both inside and out! :)