Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stop Asking!

Next week is our 5 month checkup with Dr. Bohn. Typically, this would be the appointment where we'd find out whether we're having a little dude or a dudette. BUT! We are not finding out until the baby is born..... Many of you have been asking if we've changed our minds about finding out because you're curious, as am I! You can press my husband, Paul, on this issue not me... I am curious too just as all of you are! My mom has been asking on a weekly basis whether we're finding out and I think she's getting impatient. And I think Paul is enjoying every minute of the torture he's putting everyone through!

Frankly, the thought of not finding out never even crossed my mind. But after 4-5 months of thinking that we won't find out, I'm embracing the idea and excited about the surprise at the end of our long journey! I figure since I get to experience all the little baby kicks and growing belly that comes with pregnancy, I can at least let Paul experience the surprise that he so wants.

So, if we change our minds we'll send out a mass email with the sex of the baby but in the meantime, stop asking and think yellows and greens!

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Anonymous said...

so, what are you having?