Thursday, January 15, 2009

4-D Ultrasound

Yesterday, Paul and I had the most amazing experiences of our lives. We saw our little girl (yet to be named) on a 4-D ultrasound. Paul's parents who are visiting from Philadelphia accompanied us to the appointment. I'm so happy that we were able to share this moment with them! I always knew she was a very active baby but on the ultrasound, you can see her moving around like crazy! She was sleeping and I don't think she was happy that we disturbed her sleep.. She first gave us a yawn when we started and then couple of waves... Then she decided to hide from us and take another nap practically hugging my spine.. Her face was buried towards my spine so that we couldn't see her for a while. After 20 minutes of trying to make her face us, we decided that it was time for me to take a walk and hope that she moves.. I guess she is not a natural movie star! She can't be camera shy, could she?

We finally got her to turn around and we were able to get approximately 10 minutes of facetime with her. Below are her first pics!! In the first one, we have her profile with her eyes and mouth open.
The second one below shows her face.. her left eye is open!

In the last one below, she has her hand on her face. I think she had enough by this point..

The sonographer showed us our baby's hair follicles on the 2-D ultrasound and said that she thinks our baby will have lots of hair when she is born. Yay!!! She also said our baby has chubby cheeks. We all agreed that she has very pretty mouth!!! Isn't she precious? It really was the best day of my life!

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Rebecca said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing. Our baby has tons of hair. I've heard that many Asian babies have lots of hair.