Thursday, January 8, 2009

Third Trimester.. New Discomforts...

First of all, I spoke to one of my bestest friends, Tiffany, last night. She's 33 weeks so it was so fun talking to her about what she's going through in terms of her pregnancy. She traveled to Canada for Christmas and had such a hard time coming back to California due to weather conditions. Her story was like watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles all over again! One good thing that came out of it all was that she got to stop by Chicago and see our friend Sara and her family and her newborn son! Lucky! But what is she doing traveling at 33 weeks?? Crazy girl!

Second of all, what is with all these weird, new discomforts I'm feeling these days? I am such a textbook case pregnant woman. May be it's all psychological what I'm feeling. You name the symptoms you read about in pregnancy books and I'll tell you I've had it! Blurred vision? Check... Backaches? Check.. Constant trips to bathroom? Check.. Constipation? Check.. Sleeplessness? Check.. Mood swings? Check.. Blurred vision as the scariest by far! It lasted only a few minutes but it was scary...

I am happy to report that I've started to work out again. I should have worked out during my second trimester but oh well.. Better late than never! I figured it'll help with the backaches and sleeplessness. And I read that it helps with constipation and easier delivery and getting back into shape afterwards. I'm having nightmares these days about the delivery so whatever I can do to make it easier, I'll try it!!!

Tomorrow is the beginning of our third trimester! Hooray, only 3 more months to go! Can't wait to meet our little girl! Now, anyone have any name suggestions for our little one?


sarareed said... asked for name are the names we considered if Alex had been a girl.

Grace (our number one pick)
Alexandra (like Alex for short)

JoJo said...

Well, any variation of Alex won't work.. For obvious reasons.. I really like Grace, but one of my good friends named her baby Grace a few months ago... Amelia is very pretty!!! Amelia goes on our list! Thanks Sara!!!

sarareed said...

Yeah...after I wrote the Alexandra option I thought...oops. I love Amelia. I think it's really feminine, more unique, and good for a little girl and a grown woman. Any name you give that gorgeous little girl will be perfect!