Tuesday, February 3, 2009

30+ weeks and counting!

Today marks 30 weeks and 4 days of our pregnancy journey. I must say, the last couple of weeks have flown by at a blink of an eye. Luckily, I've been feeling great, eating a lot and sleeping well. I hear that the last month of the pregnancy is the hardest. I can imagine why... My ever growing belly is becoming heavier and I can feel the pressure of it on my legs and hips. Trying to sleep on my side has been challenging as well. Paul constantly finds me on my back and tells me to turn... I even have a ginormous body pillow, why can't I sleep on my side?

Strangely, I have not had any cravings throughout this pregnancy. I wanted to eat potato chips for couple days but that was about it. It is funny how once I see something on television, like a burger commercial, all I want to eat is a burger and I cannot think about anything else until I have it. It's amazing how our body is designed... I also keep forgetting that my belly is protruding quite a bit now and I keep bumping it into things. I guess I think I'm skinnier than I really am... Now that I'm close to the finish-line, I have forgotten the miseries of first trimester morning sickness or any other discomforts I've had and looking ahead to motherhood! Oh, I'm going to cry.... I cannot wait to meet our little girl! Seeing Paul being so loving with my niece and our friends' babies, I can't wait to see Paul with our little girl as well. He will be such a wonderful daddy!

Below is a picture we took at week 30. WOW....

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steve said...

Your belly is SOOOOOOO big. wow...
but, you still look cute.