Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday was the first day I noticed that my feet and ankles are so swollen. Paul says my feet look like sausages! haha.. I have cankles- ankles the size of my calves. It's shocking and scary to me but it's funny at the same time. I normally have the skinniest ankles and smallest feet! Before pregnancy, my shoe size was 6 and now it's 7.5. That's just crazzzzy! Below is a picture of my feet from last night. Please excuse my toenails.. I haven't gotten a pedicure since I got pregnant with the fear that the nail polish might hurt the baby.... One good thing was that I got a nice foot massage from my husband last night!


steve said...

Your feet and ankles remind me of mine when i was pregnant. It was worst than that.
BUT,,,,, you still look cute. hahahah

sarareed said...

holy crap joann...those are some ankles! Mine never got like that but I know most women do get all swollen! Keep well and keep us all updated....

Kulthida said...

OMG Jo!!! Your feet are so fat!!! hahaha :) Don't worry, it will get better! Do be sure to raise your feet up from time to time ok? Mine wasn't as swollen as yours... I was lucky enough to go through my pregnancy with very little symptoms :)
Well, do take good care of yourself dear :)
~ Ann