Monday, March 16, 2009

36 weeks!

We have surpassed our 36 weeks! Wow, less than 4 weeks and hopefully we'll have our little girl at home with us! I can't believe it. I dream about bringing our baby home almost every night. Brackston Hicks contractions are coming more frequently and much stronger. It gets tight and uncomfortable but I'll be happy if the real contractions are like the Brackston Hicks (which I know will be 100 times more painful!). I am sleeping much less at night. I wake up every hour or two to go to the restroom and I've given up on the sleeping only on the left side thing and sleep a little on my right side. I always thought I need like 8-9 hours of sleep every night but I'm beginning to realize that when you enter motherhood, sleep is a luxury not necessity. So many people have expressed their surprise at my cankles and unfortunately, they have not gotten any better....

Tuesday is our appointment with Dr. Bochner for an ultrasound to check if the baby is in head-down position, if she's moved down and how big she is so far. I am so excited about this appointment that this week has gone sooo slow!!! Besides, it's been almost 2 months since we've seen our baby on an ultrasound!

On Saturday, Paul and I attended our first baby class at Good Samaritan Hospital. We thought we knew pretty much everything about bringing a newborn home with the practice we had with our niece Minji, the DVDs we've been watching and the books we've been reading but we actually learned some new things and stayed for the entire 5 hours! And we found out that the burger at the hospital cafeteria is AWESOME! I think we'll be eating that after I deliver our baby.

Below is my belly pic at 36 weeks.. YIKES!


Judy Hwang said...

JO! your belly is huge! so cute :) sounds like you're getting close... so exciting! you and paul look really adorable at your class. you're going to awesome parents! ur right, sleep is definitely a luxury that most mom's don't get. i've been getting an average of 3 hrs a night, and not in a row either. it's been 1 hour sleep, up 2 hrs, then sleep 1hr, up another 2, then sleep 1 more. surprisingly, it's enough to keep me going during the day... but i'm definitely tired, though, and would kill for a nap! enjoy whatever you can get once you start your maternity leave!

philly mom said...

하이, 죠앤,
comment를 올려 보려고 try 해보는데 잘 올려지려는지 모르겠다.^^

네 배 사진을 보니 너무 사랑스럽고 그 배를 옆에 있으면 당장 쓰다듬어 주고 싶더라.

베이비 care 하는 class에서도 의자에 앉은 네 옆모습이 너무도 귀엽구나. 임신살이 찐 네 얼굴과 네 커진 배를 보면서 얼마나 힘들까 싶어 안타깝기도 했어.

그래도 예쁜 우리 아기가 태어날 일이 더 기쁘기 때문에 이 모든 힘든 시간들이
행복하고 즐겁기까지 하는것 아니겠니?^^

나도 그날이 손꼽이 기다려진단다.

위해서 기도 열심히 할께~

philly mom said...

죠앤아,드디어 내글이 잘 올려졌어!^^

네가 가르쳐 준것을 찾아서 한번 try 해본건데 잘 올려진것을 보니 신난다.하하하!

네가 쓴 글을 보니 네가 요즘 밤에 잠을 잘 못자는것 같더구나.
이제 우리 아기가 빨리 나오려는가 보다.
한 2정도라도 빨리 나오면 네가 좀 덜 고생이 될텐데... 그치?

일단 오늘은 이렇게 글올리는것을 성공한것으로 만족하면서 안녕할께!^^