Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you so much!

This past Saturday was my babyshower at my parents' house organized by San and Gina. I had the best time with my closest friends. I just wished that my bridesmaids who all live out of state could have been there.... To the right is the cute invitation sent out to the guests and the diaper cake that San brought. So cute! It has so many diapers for our baby to use!

Saturday was beautiful. It was around 80 degrees and very sunny. We had to take advantage of the weather and have the shower in the backyard.
We ate kalbi, chinese chicken salad, my mom's special salad, seafood pasta, little appetizer quiches, etc for lunch and played a few games. San did a great job of coming up with some fun and original games. The first game was unscrambling baby related words. The second game was fill-in-the-blank nursery rhymes. The third game was guessing the celebrities' babies. The third game was a lot of fun but harder than I thought.

After the games and desserts, we opened the many gifts that I got. Our baby girl got tons of cute outfits (I mean TONS), baby monitor, car seat base for daddy's car, blankets, etc. It took almost an hour for me to open all the gifts. Thank you everyone for your generous gifts! We (Paul, baby girl, and I) appreciate it very very much!!!

It was a perfect shower full of laughter, close friends, wonderful weather and yummy food. THANK YOU!

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Becca said...

How sweet! Looks like lots of fun. I love showers-bridal or baby.