Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Game Plan

Ok! We now have a game plan! Paul and I just got back from the dr. appointment. By the way, tomorrow is Paul's birthday so please wish him a happy day!

Our due date was Saturday and it has obviously passed. We listened to the baby's heartbeat which was just fine and she moved around thoughout the whole checkup which the Dr. said was a sign of a happy healthy baby. But since our baby was in the 60th percentile in the size department 3 weeks ago when we measured her and the baby is obviously healthy right now, she recommended that we not wait too long to have this baby... The longer we wait, the less happy the baby will be and the harder it'll be for me to have a baby naturally without a c-section. So! The doctor did a simple procedure today that might bring on labor naturally sometime today or tomorrow. If the contractions do not come naturally by the end of tomorrow, then we have an appointmet at midnight to go to the hospital to be induced. So we'll have a baby for sure either Thursday or Friday morning at the latest if the induction takes a long time.

If the baby decides to come all on her own, then there is a chance that she'll be born on Paul's birthday! That'd be awesome. What could be a better birthday gift to Paul than a baby girl!

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Becca said...

Best wishes to you! Happy Bday Paul. I can't wait to meet your little one. Praying for a smooth delivery.