Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maternity Leave!!!

I started my maternity leave today!!!!! YAY!!! I have been sooo looking forward to this! The last couple weeks were really tough, mentally and physically. The anxiety of the baby coming any day now AND the uncomfortableness of carrying 28 extra pounds was pretty tough. Yesterday was bittersweet... I felt sad leaving work and saying goodbye to everyone since I'll be gone for 3 months but happy to have some time to myself until our little bundle of joy arrives!

I woke up this morning completely clueless as to what I should do today... I think this is the first time since I graduated college where I had a day to myself where I'm not sick, or on vacation or working from home.. I had no work emails or voicemails to check and I can do whatever I want! After a few minutes of lying in bed blankly, I got going and loved the rest of the day! I met my hubby for lunch and then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought some bed sheets.. We desperately needed some new sheets so we were both so excited to get them! Oh, life's littlest pleasures.. Once you get married and get older, bedsheets are what get you excited!!! I was so tired after our shopping trip, I even took a nap! How great is that, I can take a nap!!! Everyone tells me to get as much sleep as possible now before baby arrives so I guess I can use this maternity time to sleep!!! YAY!

We have a little over a week until our due date.. I'm hoping she'll decide to come out sometime in the next few days.. But we'll see!!! In due time when she's ready, I suppose.. So keep your eyes open for our email announcing the birth of our little precious girl!!!!

Hwang out! (I love American Idol..)


danny said...

ooh Hwang out! I like that...maybe i should use that as well!!! But seriously I'm so glad that you get to rest from home before she comes...It was awesome chatting with you tonight!!

philly mom said...

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