Friday, April 3, 2009

Spending Time with Friends

Paul and I have been trying to spend some time with friends and have dinners and enjoy our last couple weeks of time before our little girl comes and we become confined to our home... Vivenne and I went to eat at this great little seafood place in Alhambra called Boiling Crab and we had to wait over an hour but the food was delicious! It was very low-key, we had sweet potato fries, spicy cajun crawfish and corn. YUM-O!!!! I want to eat it again but I don't think I can do the hour wait until after the baby comes... The first picture below is me before we started eating and the second picture is me after we finished..... So good!

Our friend Hyun Sun let us babysit her maltese, Mochi, while she went on her weekend trips (2 weekends in a row). Mochi is the smallest, cutest dog! We wanted to steal her from Hyun Sun!!! She is so affectionate and attached to us and she slept with us too! We were so sad when she was picked up.... We took her to Brad and Shawna's house for dinner and Tommy just loved her. Tommy said "I love Mochi, can she stay over?" Sooo cute!

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